Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Valentine's collaboration with Kannucreative Sharma

I was very happy for this collaboration. Kanika is a beautiful sweet girl and a great person that I met recently on youtube. She loves nailart and makeup, and has a youtube channel with such videos.

She made a cute design with smiling hearts, full of color and joy:

And here is my version. I used a method I've recently seen on a video (I am sorry, but I don't remember where..) and applied white polish on a ziplock bag. When I applied a second coat, I spread some white glitter, and covered with white polish. I let it dry overnight, and the next day I had a big sticker of white glitter (approx. 4cm x 2,5cm). I peeled it from the plastic bag and cut heart shapes with scissors. I applied those with clear polish.

I have also tried to make water marble stickers with this method, but it wasn't a big success. I left the water marble dry on the cup, and then tried to pick it up and place it on the plastic bag, but I ended up with a mess. I will try again:)

On each hand, there are 2 fingers with one color (pointer and little one), and the other 3 with the other color. Switched colors for the other hand. I love glitter, and normally can never say it is too much, but for this design, I wish I had one of the two colors, red prefferably, in plain or metallic, so that the textures would contrast as well. The red glitter I used is by Cuccio N.6024

This was also the last design I did before cutting my nails back to square:)

Here is the link to my video, where you can also find links to Kanika's nailart and channel:

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