Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bornprettystore review: Colored acrylic powders for 3d decorations

Here are some of the 3d decorations I did (just decorations, not full designs) for my review on the 18 color acrylic powder set.
The truth is I was very happy with this set. It was the second time I got it (not that the first one was finished..)  and probably get it again, if I ever run out.

I have my review already uploaded: 

I am not very good in 3d yet, but I'll dare showing some close-ups:) The flowers with the microbeads and the 2 identical bows were made using molds. Here are the links to the products and, in case you decide to make any purchase from this site, you can use the discount coupon LNSW10 for a 10% discount during checkout:  


 The colors are really bright and opaque. Some of them are more vibrant, perfect for summer:)

Shiny blingy summer nails

This was done a couple of weeks ago, but I forgot to post it. It is a very easy design, mixing turqoise and coral colors, abstract pattern, glitter and rhinestones.


Blue pedi

I love blue!
This was supposed to be a watermarble toenailart.. I had already prepared a plastic surface covered with a clear polish coating, but never got to it. My bullseye dried too fast (from the 3rd drop of polish)!

Before I let myself be frustrated, I changed my mind and did a simple white flower/abstract pattern instead.

The polish is by Erre Due, "Last Minute N.95. The pattern was made with acrylic paints. My daughter has the same color on her toes, filled with stickers:P

On her nails (hands) the polish is by CND, Vinilux "Strawberry Smoothie". To perform the ultimate test, since polish goes off children's nails too fast, their nails being so oily. I cleaned with alcohol and added two coats of polish (no base required for Vinilux application). The color is very discrete and very elegant in real.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pedicure and simple short nails' version

This is a simple leaves design. On the hands, it is made with soak off gel polish entirly (colors by IBN, glitter by EzFlow), and on the toes with normal polish (CND and Art Club stripers).

In both cases, there is a coral color underneath and a more pinky one layered on top.

Very easy and wearable, if you are new to having your nails polished :)

Music nailart on a friend

Not much to say, the background color was very bright light pink by Color Club, realy beautiful and we only had nailart on the thumbs and ringfinger, using acrylic paint. Light didn't help the pictures, I tried to fix it as much as I could.

The treble clef is wrong on the left one, lol..

Monday, June 3, 2013

The bridesmaid nailart

2-3 years ago, I would avoid wearing pink polish on my nails, now I have so many of them.. what a change :)

This nailart started as a request from Stella, who will do her own nails for her sister's wedding. She asked for easy flowers and pink color, as the bridesmaid's dress will have pink details.

So I made a faded background with pink polishes, added some fairydust glitter and painted flowers with acrylic paints. This is very easy, you can find the tutorial here!

 Do you like it?

Swatches: Color Club "Pardon My French"

"Pardon My French" is a very light, very beautiful pink. It is a creamy color, fully opaque with 2 coats, and like all the Color Club polishes, has a minimum to quick drying time.

Here are 2 coats, under daylight, just before I proceed with the design :)

"Mavala blue"

I loved this french manicure. It was created with Mavala polish and glitter. The flowers are hand painted:)
Tutorial on youtube here!