Monday, April 22, 2013

Rainbow leopard print

I needed some color, so I decided to give in to colorful, bright, summery animal print.

I used white polish as my base color, silver, glitter and 5 different polishes for each nail.
Especially on the thumb, I used a color changing polish by Ruby Wings, the "Wild Flower".

The tutorial was uploaded on youtube today :
Here are some pictures with different light, I hope you see the sparkles:)


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Testing, testing... net method over polish

Experiment day :)  I had both hands polished and ready to add my nailart, when I got obsessed with the net method.
On my right hand, I used the net as a home-made-stamp. The result was messy on 2 nails, so I try to hide them. Not impossible to do it, but very very messy.. I put some acrylic paint on a flat surface, realy small amount, and diped the net in it. Then I used one of my daughter's school erasers to hold it and use it as a stamp. Worked on 3 of them with no problem.

On my left hand, I let polish dry completely, and added a thick top coat, which is supposed to be fast dry (but it isn't..). Then waited for the moment that the nails are dry to the touch but can still be "scrached" by.. another nail, for example. I placed the net over my nail, and used the eraser to press it on the nail surface. This made an embossed design, like when it is used with acrylic enhancements. Then I covered all nails with watered acrylic paint. When I finished, I used a piece of wet kitchen paper towel to clean the surface. The only paint left was the one that filled the gaps my net had done. I suppose it depends on the net you find, mine left this cool print.

Next time I try, I will definately NOT use black, but a darker shade of my base color.  Of course, if you have a stamping plate with a similar design, you can save yourself from all this trouble:)

"Sorbet" - Gradient and easy one stroke butterflies

I know most people don't like yellow polish as a base color, or wouldn't like it to be at the cuticle area, but this one is realy "soft". I added a solomon gradient (with some purple, because it came out almost orange over the yellow) and green french tip. Then I made what I consider to be the easiest one stroke butterflies, ever:) I hope you like it.

I alreay have uploded the tutorial on youtube:

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Toe nail design and short nails' version - " I 've got the blues"

Another easy nailart for toes, with the matching version for short nails. Well, short nails always have their version from every design out there, but since my own nails are not considered short, I decided to show a few in this category..

Tutorial on youtube:

I used polish and acrylic paint, and it is the exact same design I have on my toes for the last week.
Don't let the creepy hand creep you:))

Products used:

On my toes.. :)

White glam wedding nails

Who can say no to glitter? Certainly not me..  This is a combination of polish, glitter, stamoink and painting, tutorial on youtube:

Products used:

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter nails

Not much to say here, I did those for fun! Since there are already too many bright and colorful egg decorations transfered on nails, I did a french manicure. Everything is polish, except the outlines, I used acrylic paint for those:)

Toe nail design + short nails version "Pink with easy white flowers"

I am starting a new series of toe nailart, showing the matching short nails' version as well. The videos will be uploaded on my youtube channel under a separate playlist.

I am using my practice foot for this, thanks to some really weird comments I have received from really weird people, on the videos where I showed my own feet. Not that my feet are something special, of course, and anyway, I delete these comments as soon as I see them, out of respect for my viewers.

I am using a fake hand, too, because I had a few requests for short nails' designs, and since mine are never considered too short, it felt logical to combine these too. Showing how I did the toe design, and suggesting the matching one for short fingernails.

This one is a very easy design. I only used polishes, a dotting tool and a toothpick:)