Thursday, November 28, 2013

Black glitter and flowers

These are my friend's new nails:) We started with a classic french, and then she spotted the black glitter.. "This one!" Ok, this one it was.
 To fill the design, we could make some modern abstract patterns, but it was one of these days when I feel I have two left hands.. I went for the easy flower version, in purple, to soften the look.

This is NSI Balance gel, the marks on the surface are from the cuticle oil. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Here is my latest nailart, easy handpainted tulips over magnificent Nfu-Oh N.544, the darkest purple brown I 've ever seen..

It is the first thing we think off, add contrasting colors to pop out, 3ds, onestroke, bling.. Well, this time, I didn't want to cover the beautiful dark color.. but I still feared I would look like a witch with these nails in pure dark.. Oh, you, with your short nails, you are just lucky to be able to wear them all..

 My tulips are handpainted. I made the shape with the dark color, added stems and leaves with dark green, and started with highlights: Light purple for the flower, light green for the leaves. Lastly, I added the gold highlights, which realy made it stand out.

You can watch the video tutorial here: 

The products I used:

I have to say I am not happy with the Lidan paints.. I am only using them because I don't like wasting products, and would never never use them for one stroke, they are not very opaque and you have to add white to all of the colors.. 

Soak off gel polish review

Here is another item from Bornprettystore. This time I chose a soak off gel polish, that looked like white glitter in the pictures. When I received it, I saw that it was a shampagne gold glitter.

So I tested it over a few colors, it made a great fade that matched them all. This is one coat.

Even though I loved it over the french pink, I decided I should review it alone, without any color underneath.

I only added some SS9 Swarovski crystals, that I also got from Bornprettystore.

Beautiful, isn't it?

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How I make my matching nailart rings

A few months ago,  I started collecting pebbles from the beach with my daughter. We wanted to clean them, polish them and use them to fill jars et.c... Mom had some polishes to swatch, lol, so I polished a few.

When time came to wear this polish and make a design on my own nails, I made the same design on the polished pebble, covered it with top coat and used nail glue to attatch the ring base.

If you are not familiar with gel or acrylic to make round (or not) flat shapes for your ring, try the stores that have pebbles for decoration, anything flat and lightweighted can do. A friend squeezed until flat the coffee capsules and added rhinestones, it worked beautifuly!

The adjustable ring holders are from ebay, I got 20, but I remove them and use them for my next ring. If you want them to stay longer, use E2000 glue.

Here is the video from my youtube channel:

No limits to creativity.. Try your own, give it a shot, you may get addicted, lol.

Deff Le(o)pard

Gorgeous Vinilux Rubble!! I love this color, so perfect for fall and winter...
As all Vinilux polishes, you apply it directly on your nails, without any base coat. It covers beautifuly and dries fast. What more should we ask for?
Well, a design, maybe? And if you are in mood for something easy and effortless, you can always try a nailart foil with animal print and swarovski crystals..

The method with foils is realy simple. You let your base color dry completely, and apply a thin and even layer of the foil adhesive. It is milky bluish white when you apply it, but turns transparent when it dries. Let 1-2 more minutes and apply the foil, pattern up. Press with your thumb or cotton bud, making sure that you pressed on the sides as well. The foil should separate from the transparent film at this point, so when you lift it, the pattern stays on the adhesive.

Add your favorite (and ours..) swarovski crystals, and you are finished!

Products used for this nailart:

The swarovski crystals are SS9, clear, and I received them for my Bornprettystore review.
Click here for the relative video on youtube.

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Metallic blue and easy flower decoration

I enjoy reading the names that the companies find for their polishes! After having a "Guns and Roses" and a "Deep Purple" video, I stopped trying to find names. This was automaticaly the "Metallica" and I have an un-edited animal print design (Guess what the title will be, lol). You can watch the tutorial here.

Peronal Stylist by ColorClub is a gorgeous color, which I failed to capture with my camera:) If you love bold metallic colors, then this is one you should have.. I started making the design, but realized that the white was more distracting than what I was aiming for, so I added more colors and various rhinestones, which complimented it without taking the first role in this play. You could also try one stroke, but I already had it a few weeks ago over a similar blue polish (I love blues).. Un-edited as well..

Products I used for this design:

I did the ring the exact same way as my nails, it was just big enough to fit the whole flower.

A simple wedding

It has already been 2 weeks since I did this to a friend, but I had trouble viewing my own blog.. Well, I am posting now.
I used Indigo Nail Lab gels, which are fab to work with, and did a classic french manicure with glitter. For the design, the bride changed her mind a few times before ending to this one. There is a ring hole done, but she wanted to add the ring herself the day of the wedding.

The first picture was a bit blurry, and I tried to edit and "clear" things a bit. I think I overdid it:)