About me

My name is Elena, I am 38 years old, married and mother of 3 kids, ages 7 and 4... 

Here I will post photos and videos of my nailart designs and, possibly, some thoughts and reviews about 
products I have tried. 

Am I a professional? Hmm.. I got trained over gel and acrylic application, as well as classic manicure and 
pedicure. I was lucky to have a teacher willing to show me again and again, until I got it right, 
never counting the hours. I still have a lot to learn, although I feel that I am done with theory, lol, youtube 
and many blogs have helped in this direction. Anyway, I think that training is not what makes the proffesional, 
no matter how good it was. It is experience and handling situations in the best way that make a proffesional.  

Thank you very much for visiting! Ihope you like my blog and enjoy my designs!



  1. hi i love your work! and i have a couple questions for you- first off do you prefer gel or acrylic and why?if so what are your favorite expensive and not so expensive brands? second do you prefer tips or sculpted forms or dual forms and why?
    and how do you remove ibd non soak off gel??also where can i find that beautiful nail design with the blue glitter (@ 29 seconds into your introduction video that shows your designs that was really nice! im not a tech just obsessed with nails and learning every way of doing them ( and taking them off so i can start all over lol) please respond! doing nails is definitely a skill and not as easy as it looks. Oh and another question-how far down do you go with color on tips like if you like really long nails and your doing a pink tip do you go right down to the free edge?? thanks!

    1. Oh, I am sorry I saw that too late... Thank you very much for your words! I prefer gel, but this is only because I am used to it:) I was introduced to acrylic l&p lately and I like it too, it seems quicker.. Favorite brands in gel are Ibd (clear builder gels), NSI (the body builder cover pink warm is super) and Indigo (all of it). In acrylic it is YoungNails and Indigo. In nail polish I have no favorites, I pick the colors that I like, no matter which brand. I only want my topcoat to be a super fast drying one (Nubar Diamond or Seche Vite, or Seventeen "Top Shine" which I discovered lately) and never forget my base coat. Most loved french polish is Korres "Washed Off Pink, because it is not very pink or milky..) Sculptured forms, all the way! Tips and poppits may seem easier, but if you get the forms right, there is no reason to use them. Ibd non soak-off gels are removed only by filing. I start with a coarse file for the majority of the gel, then move to a 180 file and buff when I reach close to the natural nail. I never file all the way down, though, I prefer leaving a thin layer of gel than filing the natural nail plate again. There is a video tutorial for the blue glitter design on my youtube channel "Lnetsa". French tip is a matter of personal preffernce. The rule says that the tip should be 1/3 of the nail, but when you make realy long nails, like stiletto or other shapes, you have to elongate the nail plate according to the shape and length. I understand the obsession, lol, I have it too:) Isn't it nice to explore new ways of doing nails and designs? Just don't let yourself get caried away, always take care of your natural nails, nomatter what you have on top. Never file the nail plate, and don't use acid primers unless they are totally needed and nothing else worked. And always trust a good, well known brand for gel and acrylic. They have invested their good name in the ingredients, research and chemistry, not on their good price.