Monday, January 6, 2014

Jungle Fever

This is my second ever set of acrylic nails... not so good, not so easy either.
I used EzFlow acrylic, a set that I had for a year now, maybe more. I had used it once and remembered that it was realy "ez flowing" but I eally struggled to pick a bead. Is it because it has been open for so long? I am not happy with the shape, but this is my sister, so I can see her again and fix that:)

I used IBD Just Gel polish in "Jungle Fever", 3 coats, then applied 1 coat of "All That Glitters" and wiped some lines with my brush. Covered with topcoat.

I was happy that she asked for bows like mine, so I made the 3d and placed the rhinestones in the middle.

Pls don't judge the shape.. :(

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