No specific order, oldies and new ones mix

Oval shape gel nails

Valentine's nailart - Love letters

Think Pink for October

Guns and roses

Classic french with purple flowers

Abstract one stroke nailart for summer

 Blue/purple/pink nails 

Purple hearts Valentine's nailart

Purple/pink/brown water marble nails

Winter flower nailart

Fake stilettos and one stroke painting nailart

Abstract nailart

Red glam 

Red and gold one stroke nailart

Christmas cupcakes nailart

Colorful 3d roses nailart

Friday I 'm in love collaboration - valentines nailart

Gold leaves nailart

Keep it low abstract nailart

French gel nails

Midnight flowers nailart

50 shades of grey - one stroke rose nailart

Newspaper nailart "Aloha"

"Peach" - Easy one stroke nailart

Silver poinsettia - Christmas nailart

 One stroke nailart on black

Zodiac signs nailart - Pisces 

One stroke rose nailart 

Acrylic french nails - inspired by Naionails/Gemma Lambert

Christmas ornaments nailart

Bridal nails

Snowflakes in the dark

Peocock Nails

Sky is the limit

Indian wedding


New year's nails

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  1. those nails are gorgeous I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!