Thursday, January 16, 2014

Duochrome polish and one stroke nailart

I've had this amazing polish for a month, before I managed to try it. It is by Seventeen, and the code is 539. It is supposed to be a duochrome, but depending on the light and the angle you have your nails at, you can see gorgeous purple/burgundy, olive green, and bronze. And all these with metallic/shimmery effect.

I decided to make some classic one stroke flowers, using similar colors (the purple and green), and keep them close to the cuticle, so that the color shows best on half the nail. Here are some pictures taken inside with artificial light:

and one taken outside, with my cellphone..

I have filmed the nailart process, edited so that I wouldn't take more of your time, and uploaded the video on youtube. I hope I showed all the steps in a comprehensive way..  If you decide to do this on short nails, skip the entire flower and just make 2 or 3-petal ones at the corners of ring and middle finger. This way there will still be enough space for the lovely color to show..

To watch the video on youtube, click here.

These are the products I used:

Seventeen nail polish N.539
CND Super mat topcoat
Lidan waterbased acrylic paints in purple and white
Oumaxi waterbased acrylic paints in leaf green and gold
Flat angle brush and detail brush from ebay (different sets)


  1. This look amazing, I've been practising my one stroke on paper, I'm slowly getting better :) x

    1. It takes a lot of try and error, but it's also very fascinating, isn't it?

  2. With certain polishes in particular duo-chrome and multi-chrome , I strongly believe they should be left alone and their unique beauty should just be admired. However, what you have done is simply BRILLIANT omg.. Your nail design and choice of polish is just Gorgeous they compliment each other so well . I can just look at them it all day. Well done BRAVO !!!!!!!!! JOB WELL DONE !!!!!!