Thursday, January 23, 2014

Classic french with gel and acrylic (l&p)

I did 3 french manicures this week. The first one was on a friend, with gel. We used NSI bb cover pink warm in a super thin layer, and built the nails with blush, which is almost transparent (my friend doesn't like pink nailbeds). The white is with Indigo hybrid N.26. It was painted on, because it was a last minute's decision. The bows are hand painted, very simple.

The second one was on my sister. She let me try l&p, for the 3rd time ever. The first time was on 2011, using ezflow and recreating (or trying to..) a design by Gemma Lambert. 

The second time was a few weeks ago, uzing ezflow again, in an attempt to create oval shape nails, 2 of them looked like dolphins from the side.. and this is my 3rd time, ever, trying the Young Nails l&p. I haven't been trained with acrylic at all, but I tried to do the reverse method with the beautiful cover peach powder and the xxxwhite. 

This took me 4 hours, I had a lot of filing to do, but it was a unique experience and I will definately search for  training in l&p. 

"Come on sis, pretend you are holding a wallet.." Haha..  

The  3rd french manicure was on myself, using polish, but this will be an another post:)


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