Sunday, January 12, 2014

Abstract pattern

I tried this dark purple shimmery polish that I won from a bornprettystore contest. My original idea was to paint a net, but I didn't feel I had a steady hand, too late and I was too tired.. so I settled with an abstract pattern. Looks like wraps, doesn't it?

In fact this nails look more "buzy" than they realy are.. I applied the purple polish, some iridescent flakes on top and topcoated to make surface smooth. Then I took pink paint and made some rhombus shapes, 2 on each nail (one will be enough for short nails). Then I shadowed some of the lines with purple paint, to give it dimension. It still needed something to make it pop out, though.. White paint, pairs of lines making curves, inside and out of the rhombus.

You can't see the flakes very well from the pictures. They shined beautifuly, and many asked to get a closer look (curiosity "what is going on there?" or "cool!")

The cuticle oil made the surface look less smooth, I removed all the shine from around the nails, but couldn't touch this part. 

Here are the products I used:
Sweet polish N.S049 from Bornprettystore
Avon opal topcoat
Lidan acrylic paints in white and purple
Oumaxi acrylic paint in pink
Thin brush (not a detail one)

My topcoat this time was Essence "Better than gel nails". It is ok, but I have used in my topcoat drying superfast without smudging or making lines, that I think I will stick to Nubar Diamond.

Here is the video:


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