Thursday, March 20, 2014

Instead of maintenance...

What do you do when someone can't come over for her regular acrylic maintence, and 2 days before the 8 weeks, she comes, she wants to take them off, and have a transparent gel overlay instead???? Keep this though, I can say nothing, this was my sister, who happens to live 10km away..

 I took everything off, and changed her from youngnails'acrylic to NSI blush gel overlay. The french is polished :(


Friend's nails

Here are some deaigns I made for friends:

Soak off polish by IBD (Magic Genie) , and simple flower petals with acrylic paint:

Another design with coral french over NSI cover pink warm gel overlay, and simple 3d flowers:

And another one, this time a Cuccio Veneer french with one stroke flowers:)

and another one, where we used Indigo Nail LAb gel, NSI pearl white and decorated with swarovski and flowers:

Unfortunately, I couldn't get a decent picture of the last one, but it is ok, the flowers were bought, so there is no actual nailart, just ready made decorations...

The foiled rose

Here is the "Red Carpet" by Indigo. It is a beautiful red, with very discrete gold shimmer. You can't see it unless you are searching how to describe the color, lol, but it gives the polish a very beautiful tone.

For the roses, I used the french pink background and made the rose pattern with polish. I let it dry and applied the gel paint to make the outlines. Cured in a uv lamp for 2 min and applied the golden foil.

The risk you have when you are working with polish, is that even when it feels dry (but isn't) it may pick some foil as well. So I got some foil on the red part, and filled it again with red. I think I lost some of the 3d effect, but saved the design:) Oh, the topcoat should better be a soak off, or any that you know that it will not crack and rinkle the foil..

Foil is very important, I had many gold foils that didn't work. The ones that work are super thin, and make small breaks if you fold them.. If you want to watch the tutorial, click here

Having fun with 3d nailart

It was very fun.. I started with the flowers, rose, lily, and went clockwise.. Tried everything I could think of, this is why you can also see a spongebob there:)

But then came the painting part... I smudged a little bit, my ladybugs were much brighter before that, but I was too tired to see it, and too excited to leave it for the next day..

Here are some closer photos:

This is all that came in my mind that evening. I know it is not perfect, but I liked the way they came out. And, did I mention that I had fun?  :)

Super easy 3d bow

I haven't posted anything here for a while, so I'll try to make some quick catching up:)

This is the easiest 3d bow I can think of, just fletten the beads of acrylic and you are done. For the ribbons I used the most wet I bead I could, and pulled it before making it flat..

The polishes used are both by Indigo, "Harlequin" and "Paradox". If you 'd like to watch the tutorial, click here