Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tmart uv glitter gel and brushes

Tmart sent me the uv glitter gel set N.14, as well as a set of brushes for a review.

 The uv gels are transparent with a small ammount of color matching the glitters used each time. They have a lots of tiny glitters though, and most of them are opaque.

They are uv builder gels, they do not air dry. One has to cure them under uvlamp for 2-3 minutes, depending on the uvlamp, and file them away in order to remove them. Someone said that they can also be soaked off, but I never tried it, and the company does not say that it can be done. Both filing and soaking (if it is indeed soakable) will take quiet aome time, but if you are familiar with e-files, you will be able to do it easily, using a fine to medium coarse bit. 

They come in square, transparent pots, so that you can see the color. They are also sealed to secure that the content will not get out during delivery. The colors are exactly as shown (I had a surprise with another company, 4 of the 12 colors were actually not the ones shown) and their consistency is perfect for building, they were not runny at all. I used them for a french demonstration, with a cover pink I made myself and a builder clear that I have from another company, unknown brand.

As you can see, 4 of the colors are mixed with almost transparent uv gels, so they are not very opaque. These are the colors: white,, yellow and orange.

The clear gel I used to cap them with was too thick, and didn't self level very well, but I wouldn't file on the display:) After all, it wasn't a natural nail..

The uv gel brushes came in a set of 5pcs, each one with a lid and separate round box with case. The website showed 5 different sizes, but I received 5 pieces N.10. They were also supposed to be detouchable, but I tried all of them and they didn't fit to fold inside the handle.

  The size is too big for painting flowers, but you can use them to make faded backgrounds. It did pick up the gel easily, and being flat made it easy to reach the corners of the smilelines.

This was all I could say. I tried to make a realy short video, just to give you an idea about these products. Here is the link:

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