Thursday, January 9, 2014

The glitter tip day :)

Yesterday was a glitter tip day for 2 of my friends. Both asked me to do their nails and both wanted glitter over a nude or pink color.

I did the first one's with Indigo NailLab gels, she had no length, so we added some with Easy shape cover and Rose, and then applied a silver holo glitter at some tips:

The other girl has regular Indigo overlays for the last 3 months. She has a baby of 14 months, and is also pregnant on the 19th week, so I went at her place. The picture was taken with my mobile, with a very poor light, but I tried to enhance color as best as I could. The milky rose is "French Pink", also by Indigo, and the glitters are a silver one, with which I made the fade, and a bronge mix that I dubbed randomly :

They do not know each other, and I never mentioned anything about glitter.. it was funny, but it was glitter tip day:)

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