Thursday, December 26, 2013

Precious Jewels

You can never go wrong with glitter.. especially these days

And nailart can never be too much for these days either. She came to me on the very last day, had her gel extensions with NSI, and asked for gold.. my pleasure:)

So, we finished with the gel application, shaped, buffed and top coated, and made a french with polish (Glamorous N.103, it is a simple gold polish). Then applied Golden Rose "Jolly Jewels n.103" on top of it, and while it was still wet, sprinkled some LCN holografic gold glitter (n.1 multi gold). I applied top coat on half the nail surface, to seal the glitter and make the transition smoother.
Then it was time for decorations:)

I was given these metal embossed decorations from bornprettystore, to review them. When I first saw them I was like "Woah!". Would I have them on my nails? Of course!!!! Would others?
I showed them to her and she instantly loved them.

Go take a look at bornprettystore, here is the link to these beautiful metal decorations: The ones I used for Mary are N.6.

They come in pairs, and you can see the actual dimensions before you purchase. They are slightly curved, but keep in mind that each person's nail has a different c curve. I applied them with nail glue, and the 4 corners were fit perfectly on her nails. Then secured with a thick topcoat around them, not because I didn't want any water in, lol, just a second measure for their safety:) If you want to secure them for much longer, you can use a tiny ammount of clear acrylic.

The surface is irregular, like any ring with diamonds and stones.. You should not expect them to be smooth, they are jewels after all. They will not catch your hair, and they will not scratch when you wash your hands (yes, I got asked this question too, lol). The color will remain intact with washing and bathing. I had them on for 3 days myself, for the purpose of a review.

Bornprettystore offers 10% discount for any purchase you make from their online store, using the coupon code LNSW10 during checkout. Also, they offer free shipping worldwide.

I wish you all have happy holidays, blessings to you and your families <3 

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