Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Glam

Finally, my collaboration nailart with Beyonceesha is uploaded on youtube, and I am very excited!

We both used similar methods, hers being a more christmas design, lol, but my daughter said that my balls look like ornaments, too:)

I made a french manicure with CND "Serene Green" and topped it with "Emerald shimmer". Only the ringfinger is polished entirely. I then applied white polish, forming circles, added a drop of light green inside them and marbled. Then I made the outlines with black gel and cured in a uv lamp.

Then I applied the gold foil. On the lower hand, it was applied directly on the black gel's inhibition layer, on the upper hand I cleansed and applied foil adhesive and when it dried I applied the foil. As you can see, it was better with the foil adhesive. Although I could fix it with gold polish or paint, I left it like this, because it kind of looked like an antique gold..

I then applied IBD clear gel on top of the foil and marble circles, forming balls, for a more 3d look. I also applied a bit of gel on the golden smilelines and cured in a uv lamp. The gel worked as a magnifying glass, and the result was very beautiful.

I then cleansed once again and applied my normal top coat. Here are the products I used for this nailart:

So, the tutorial is already uploaded on youtube, and I am very happy. Beyonceesha did her best to keep the date, even though she had a problem with her computer and couldn't upload for a week. 

She made a beautiful nailart, don't you think?

If you want to check the video, here it is, I have her links at the end:

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