Sunday, December 1, 2013

Miss Pixie - Textured polish and 3d nailart

Here is another beautiful Zoya nail polish, from the Pixie Dust series, the gorgeous Chyna ZP657. I can't say how happy I am with this color!! I got it from the fair a few weeks ago and couldn't wait to try it.

I was very puzzled.. what should I add to this color once I applied it? I don't feel confortable wearing any single color on my nails, not at this length anyway.. But thankfully, once it was applied, I had a very nice surprise: the color comes out different than the bottle shows. It looks like it has a much darker base and is full of red glitters! A-ma-zing!!

As Zoya suggests, I didn't apply any base coat. I did the first coat, which was opaque but a lighter shade of red. Also, if you looked realy close, not the whole surface had the texture effect. So, I waited for it to dry, and applied my second coat. No top coat either, this was new to me, only tried it with my blue Pixie Dust polish so far:)

Well, we have matt texture and glitter.. how about some 3d flowers? I started carefully with my left thumb, and this is how it looked:

Of course I liked it, but desided to make the outlines in gold glitter. I admit I wasn't very careful with them, I had to finish quick and go out.. If I had a few more minutes, I would first apply gold polish, and then follow with gold glitter polish, so that the lines would be better seen and separated. Oh, well, I thought I could change it later (I never did..) 

It shows better on the ring, my glitter lines weren't very careful, but I still like it:)
Here are the products I used:

Don't ask me about the 3d brush, the one in the photo is probably the worst brust ever, I mostly used a special one that I show in the video tutorial, which will be uploaded tonight on youtube.

Do you like texture polishes?

On the 4rth of December, I decided to change the outlines. I carefuly removed some of the glitter and applied white polish instead, it looked much better, very bright. When I removed (I get bored, lol) I had to file down most of it, using my electric file, and continue with aceton, as with all glitter polishes. 

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