Monday, December 23, 2013

Last minute nailart - easy bows - No tools

Here is a super easy nailart for new years eve, or party... or any other occasion if you change the colors:)

It seems I am stuck with red and gold these days.. I will not say glitter, because I love glitter all year long:)

Well, this nailart is done with a toothpick, no tools needed. I polished my nails, used the toothpick to paint a gold bow, and used the same toothpick to engrave the lines inside, the details. Here is the video of this super easy, last minute nailart:

The products I used:
CND "Veronica"
CND "Gold sparkling"
SEVENTEEN N.529 Platinum Gold (glittery)
and of course, the toothpick!

I have already been asked to recreat this look, over red polishes. Maybe I will add the photo of it on top of IBD "Cosmic Red", but I can't edit any picture right now, too tired..

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