Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Easy christmas nailart with foil

Last week I gave foils another try. I enjoy their looks, but I get so frustrated when they crack right after top coat.. and I have tried so many!

 I applied a dark red polish on all nails, except the ringfingers, where I applied a gold one. Then I applied foil adhesive, waited until it became transparent, and added the foil.

This time I tried 2 methods: On one hand I applied NFU Oh Aqua base on top of the foil (dries a bit slow) and then I used CND Super Shine top coat, which is not a fast dry one. Fast dry top coats always crack the foil.. The cracks were barely visible, but the foil lost some of the holo effect.

On the other hand, I applied the foil adhesive on top of the foil, let it dry very well (about 20min) and then I applied the Super shine top coat. This had the best results I have seen with polish so far, barely seen cracks and barely lost holo effect.

You can definately say which one is which..

    Then I decided it was too plain, so I added some gold stamping and glitter:)

I know, the thumb is different, but I always try on my thumbs first. I didn't like this Cheeky stamp, so I did the rest with another one, from the same Jumbo plate:)

Would you try foils for your nailart these days?

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