Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cute snowman french

Time is aproaching, it will be Christmas soon, but it is already snowing in many places around the world. This  cute snowman with beanie hat is handpainted (sadly, on one of these days when I feel I have two left hands..) but still looks cute, I think :)

I made a french manicure with an ink blue polish (Cnd Inkwell). I know it looks black, and the fact is that it also looks like black in real, just not the raven black. I faded the smileline with the sponge to let the color show more. I added Cnd gold sparkle effect, which is almost the same as Northern lights in gold and my topcoat, and then started painting..


I uploaded the tutorial on my channel, to watch it click here.

Here are the products I used:

Remember, I don't like Lidan very much, but I don't like to waste products (or money) either, so I will use them in nailart until I run out. Never for one stroke, though..

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