Saturday, February 1, 2014

Heartbreaker - easy valentine's nailart

Using a simple toothpick again... Of course there are so many things found at home that you can use for nailart, especialy for perfect round dots, but I prefer the toothpick, because I think you can do everything with them.  I filed the one side to make it almost round and left the other one pointy, as it is.

I painted all my nails with black polish (Liquid Leather by CG) and used acrylic paints for the design. I made it in red, but you can use any color of your choice (pictures edited, so that I could show):

First, I made the lips. I painted the upper lips as a wide M. I started from the center and did one half to the left, one half to the right, using the thick part of the toothpick and red acrylic paint. Then I made the lower lip and then the broken heart. I used the pointy edge of the toothpick to write "kiss" and paint the middle of the hearts.

Then I carved 2 lines on the upper lips and 3 on the lower lips, using the pointy side. I added some green paint in the red, to make it darker, and added shades. Then with very light pink, I addded highlights..

It is easier than it looks, and definately something you can do with a toothpick:)

If you are interested in watching the video, click here.


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