Saturday, February 1, 2014

Wild hearts - Valentine's nailart

This time it is a combination of animal prints and hearts in a sweet purple color.

I used a combination of gold glitter for the background: 1 coat of CG "I Am Not Lion), decided that it was too light, and applied a second very light coat of OPI "Bring On The Bling". The result was something in between, which suited me perfectly:)

Then I used a seloteip, pressed it on my hand to make it less sticky, and placed it on the nails, leaving a diagonal french tip. I sponged white polish, so that it would not become too thick, but it could dry a lot faster. Covered with topcoat to smooth the surface.

 I painted two heart shapes on ringfinger and thumb, using black acrylic paint, and made a zebra print. I am not very proud of the zebra, I have been shaking and using the worst striping brush ever, that doesn't bent at all.. Then I mixed brown paint with white and made irregular spots on the glitter part. Outlined with black paint to complete the leopard pattern.

I mixed purple with silver to get a dark purple shade and filled the hearts leaving a thin black line as an outline. Then I mixed purple and white, to get a very light purple shade, and filled the dark purple, leaving out just a tiny bit showing.. Highlighted with white.

With clear polish, I added a row of rhinestones where the two rints meet, and only 2 rhinestones between the hearts. Covered with topcoat carefully, and after a few minutes, I topcoated again (always making sure not to cover the rhinestones with my thick top coat and loose the shine).

If you are interested in the tutorial, click here

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