Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Here is my latest nailart, easy handpainted tulips over magnificent Nfu-Oh N.544, the darkest purple brown I 've ever seen..

It is the first thing we think off, add contrasting colors to pop out, 3ds, onestroke, bling.. Well, this time, I didn't want to cover the beautiful dark color.. but I still feared I would look like a witch with these nails in pure dark.. Oh, you, with your short nails, you are just lucky to be able to wear them all..

 My tulips are handpainted. I made the shape with the dark color, added stems and leaves with dark green, and started with highlights: Light purple for the flower, light green for the leaves. Lastly, I added the gold highlights, which realy made it stand out.

You can watch the video tutorial here: 

The products I used:

I have to say I am not happy with the Lidan paints.. I am only using them because I don't like wasting products, and would never never use them for one stroke, they are not very opaque and you have to add white to all of the colors.. 

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