Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Metallic blue and easy flower decoration

I enjoy reading the names that the companies find for their polishes! After having a "Guns and Roses" and a "Deep Purple" video, I stopped trying to find names. This was automaticaly the "Metallica" and I have an un-edited animal print design (Guess what the title will be, lol). You can watch the tutorial here.

Peronal Stylist by ColorClub is a gorgeous color, which I failed to capture with my camera:) If you love bold metallic colors, then this is one you should have.. I started making the design, but realized that the white was more distracting than what I was aiming for, so I added more colors and various rhinestones, which complimented it without taking the first role in this play. You could also try one stroke, but I already had it a few weeks ago over a similar blue polish (I love blues).. Un-edited as well..

Products I used for this design:

I did the ring the exact same way as my nails, it was just big enough to fit the whole flower.

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