Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How I make my matching nailart rings

A few months ago,  I started collecting pebbles from the beach with my daughter. We wanted to clean them, polish them and use them to fill jars et.c... Mom had some polishes to swatch, lol, so I polished a few.

When time came to wear this polish and make a design on my own nails, I made the same design on the polished pebble, covered it with top coat and used nail glue to attatch the ring base.

If you are not familiar with gel or acrylic to make round (or not) flat shapes for your ring, try the stores that have pebbles for decoration, anything flat and lightweighted can do. A friend squeezed until flat the coffee capsules and added rhinestones, it worked beautifuly!

The adjustable ring holders are from ebay, I got 20, but I remove them and use them for my next ring. If you want them to stay longer, use E2000 glue.

Here is the video from my youtube channel:

No limits to creativity.. Try your own, give it a shot, you may get addicted, lol.

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