Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Deep purple

I love this deep, but not too dark, purple color. It is by Color Club, N.886 Ms Socialite. Gorgeous, creamy, applies well and dries fast.
I would be happy to have it alone on my nails, but I decided to go for a french manicure instead. So I added some one stroke flowers on 3 of each hand's nails (thumb, middle and ringfinger).

I started with the french manicure, spread some iridesent glitter at the tip, sealed and painted the flowers using purple and white. I added the outlines and minibeads (mostly gold, but with a few silver ones as well, because they were mixed by a small accident..)

Lately, I find myself trying out nail polish on pebbles, so some of these pebbles become matching rings. This color and nailart was definately going to have one!

Here are all the products I used:

Here is the video tutorial on youtube: 

I hope you like it!

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