Saturday, May 11, 2013

Swatches: Zoya - PixieDust - Liberty

I LOVE this polish!!! I was a little sceptical about the textured polishes, but this one has an awesome effect! It is matt, but at the same time super sparkly, and the depth of the color is amazing! You can see the texture, feel it, but not on a level that will cause any discomfort, it is not rough to the touch.

Here are 2 layers, I could stop at 2, it was already opaque, but I wanted to see if it got darker :) It did go, deeper!

The color looks a bit different, depending on the light, and offers some reflections that look greenish under artificial light. It is always a blue that you will love, not turqoise or anything close, but I bet you'll catch yourself staring at your nails a little bit more often..

Oh, you are NOT supposed to wear base coat. You go from a well preped nail directly to applying the first coat of polish, let it completely dry (about 10min.), and go on with a second layer. No need for topcoat, either, if you want to keep this texture.


I will try to add some pictures under artificial light as well:)

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