Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bornprettystore review: Colored acrylic powders for 3d decorations

Here are some of the 3d decorations I did (just decorations, not full designs) for my review on the 18 color acrylic powder set.
The truth is I was very happy with this set. It was the second time I got it (not that the first one was finished..)  and probably get it again, if I ever run out.

I have my review already uploaded: 

I am not very good in 3d yet, but I'll dare showing some close-ups:) The flowers with the microbeads and the 2 identical bows were made using molds. Here are the links to the products and, in case you decide to make any purchase from this site, you can use the discount coupon LNSW10 for a 10% discount during checkout:  


 The colors are really bright and opaque. Some of them are more vibrant, perfect for summer:)

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