Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Toe nail design + short nails version "Pink with easy white flowers"

I am starting a new series of toe nailart, showing the matching short nails' version as well. The videos will be uploaded on my youtube channel under a separate playlist.

I am using my practice foot for this, thanks to some really weird comments I have received from really weird people, on the videos where I showed my own feet. Not that my feet are something special, of course, and anyway, I delete these comments as soon as I see them, out of respect for my viewers.

I am using a fake hand, too, because I had a few requests for short nails' designs, and since mine are never considered too short, it felt logical to combine these too. Showing how I did the toe design, and suggesting the matching one for short fingernails.

This one is a very easy design. I only used polishes, a dotting tool and a toothpick:)


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