Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Super easy toe nailart

I believe that everything, even a simple strass or a rhinestone, or a few dots and lines alone, can make a nailart design. They really make a difference, before them it is just polished nails, with them it is nailart. But we don't take the little time required to make nailart on our toes, especially in winter, when our feet are mostly hidden. Even when we do have all the good will, some of us have back/neck problems which make toenails difficult to reach.

But, you don't really have to spend much time and effort, if it is hard for you. I make all my winter designs as easy as possible, using stickers, stamps, strass and dots. And now that spring is here (officialy, but not really..) I will be posting some ideas for toe nailart designs, from super easy to more intriguing..

Here is the first one, using wavy lines in white, orange, silver, and pink glitter over a fuchsia polish. Simple enoug, don't you think?

 (Pictures under different light)

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