Friday, December 7, 2012

L'oreal crackle effect for Christmas

I still love crackle effect polishes, even though I feel bad that the nailart just.. happens, without me having to do anything special :)
Today I went to a beauty store near my house, and I found this new (I think..) L'oreal crackle polish. There were 3 more colors available, but I already had them from other brands, so I thought I should take the dark red one. I am so happy I did it! It is a beautiful color, with a wide brush for easy application. It cracks and dries fast, as all the polishes of this category do.
First, I put my base coat and a light gold color from the same brand, as a base. Sadly, it took me 4 coats, even though I removed all the excess transparent polish I could, before I shake the bottle. Then I let it dry, and added a coat of the red crackle.. It looked darker and kind of dull before the top coat, but when I added Seche Vite, it showed brilliant! Even the base color, it was so perfect for this!

Tip: You don't really have to do anything more, and I think it would match perfectly a black dress, but if you want to, you can make it on half nails, deviding the width, and keep the other half in a color similar to the crackle. Maybe add a few rhinestones where the two parts meet? Just sayin'...

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