Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A few words about me..

My name is Elena, I am 38 years old, married and mother of 3 kids, ages 7 and 4... 

Here I will post photos and videos of my nailart designs and, possibly, some thoughts and reviews about products I have tried. 

Am I a professional? Hmm.. I got trained over gel and acrylic application, as well as classic manicure and pedicure, last year. I was lucky to have a teacher willing to show me again and again, until I got it right, never counting the hours. I still have a lot to learn, although I feel that I am done with theory, lol, youtube and many blogs have helped in this direction. Anyway, I think that training is not what makes the proffesional, no matter how good it was. It is experience and handling situations in the best way that make a proffesional.  

Thank you very much for visiting! Ihope you like my blog and enjoy my designs!


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